How to use a cigarette rolling machine

Using a cigarette rolling machine, a video on how to roll a cigarette, how to roll on a Rizla machine, and rolling cigarette techniques.

Duel wheel cigarette rolling machine

Duel wheel cigarette rolling machine

Once you have got your cigarette rolling machine, cigarette paper, filter tips and tobacco, simply slide one of the rollers upwards and over, place a filter tip at either end, then evenly distribute the tobacco (this is important to ensure an even burn rate), slide the roller back into it's original position, then roll the rollers a few times.

Now take a piece of cigarette paper and load the ungummed side into the cigarette rolling machine, take care when doing this and ensure that the paper is straight when you load it in, otherwise it will not roll evenly in the cigarette machine. Once you have rolled one full turn, you need to lick the gummed end of the cigarette paper, then roll for one more turn. Wait a few seconds to ensure the gum has dried, then slide up one of the rollers to reveal your perfectly made hand rolled cigarette!

Rolling tin cigarette rolling machine

Rolling tin cigarette rolling machine

There is an alternative cigarette rolling machine that is even easier to use than the type mentioned above, it’s typically known as a rolling tin or rolling box cigarette rolling machine, which uses a large belt instead of duel wheels. It also has the advantage of being able to store your tobacco, filter tips and cigarette paper!

To use, simply open up the tin to expose the belt, expand the lower part of the belt, put the filter tip at either end and evenly distribute the tobacco. Now place the cigarette paper against the belt (gummed part needs to be at the top facing out), lick the gummed part of the paper, then slowly close the tin lid, which will make the bar lift and roll the belt. Once the tin lid is fully closed, the hand rolled cigarette will pop out through the hole in the lid of the tin!

Electric automated Cigarette machines

Automated cigarette rolling machine

Teh electronic cigarette machine is a even easier and quicker method for making your own cigarettes. The electric cigarette machines inject tabaco into a pre made paper rolled cigarette. The obvious downside to this method is that pre-rolled paper cigarette shells are more expensive than say Rizla or other sheet type cigarette papers. You can create up to 8 cigarettes in a minute using a electronic cigarette machine but they do come at a price and don't fully benefit from the main point of making your own cigarettes. If your a heavy smoker however, then you are bound to get the benefits from this method of cigarette making.

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