Cigarette Rolling Machine

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A cigarette rolling machine makes rolling tobacco into cigarettes extremely easy, and creates the perfect cigarette every time. There are few different types of cigarette rolling machines on the market, some ranging from very cheap to the more sophisitcated being reasonably priced. You can even get electric automated cigarette machines that can create 4-6 perfectly formed cigarettes per minute. People choose to roll their own cigarettes mainly so they can cut down the expense of buying them from shops and cigarette outlets. Rolling a cigarette using a cigarette machine makes the perfect cigarette in a very fast and efficient way.

Hints for making the perfect cigarette using a cigarette rolling machine

The most important tip is to never overfill your cigarette machine with tobacco. The old saying of less is more, is definetly true!
Always put your filter tip into your cigarette rolling machine before your tobacco, and make sure that you have put your cigarette paper in the right way round, other wise your tobacco will go everywhere when you take it out of the cigarette rolling machine!
TIP: Use the blunt end of a biro to push any loose tobacco back in.

Most hand rolling tobacco that you can buy is usually moist, which is perfect for storing or shipping, but not so perfect if you want to use it with a cigarette rolling machine! You’ll find it much easier to make the perfect hand rolled cigarette (and you are less likely to clog up your cigarette rolling machine) if you slightly dry out your tobacco first. To do this, just remove the required amount of tobacco from it’s pouch, then spread it out onto a piece of paper and leave it for a little while (although don’t do this if the room is humid as it won’t really dry out the tobacco). It should feel slightly crisp when it is ready to roll!

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